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In the Planet Eaters gaming realm, our focus is on two initial projects: a groundbreaking Battle Royale game called Battle Hunt, and a detailed sci-fi missions-based game named Earth Invaders. We are committed to offering state-of-the-art, immersive gaming experiences through our innovative developments.


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Digital Assets

Rare and powerful skins that give Dorts unique Utilities. Each Superskin has a unique name, which adds to its identity and rarity. Users have the option to customize their Superskins with different colors, patterns, or accessories.

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Super skin inspired by Bruce Lee's iconic yellow jumpsuit, providing enhanced agility and lightning-fast reflexes. Channel the spirit of the legendary martial artist with this sleek design, featuring adaptive camouflage for stealth maneuvers and increased strength for powerful strikes


    Crimson red

    Inspired by Michael Jackson's iconic 'Beat It' jacket, Jacket boasts tactical enhancements. The jacket is equipped with an advanced sonic disruptor, allowing the wearer to emit sonic pulses for disorienting foes. Its nanofiber construction provides enhanced flexibility and durability, while integrated holographic technology offers instant camouflage, making it an ideal choice for covert operations.



      This bionic 3-piece ensemble draws inspiration from Superman's iconic blue attire. Infused with advanced technology, the suit provides enhanced strength, flight capabilities, and a protective force field. The wearer becomes a real-life superhero with unparalleled resilience and the ability to soar through the skies at supersonic speeds.


        Midnight night Lotus

        Ensemble merges Tactical Elegance with prowess. The delicate blue and pink flower patterns conceal cutting-edge features, including a nanofiber weave for enhanced durability, adaptive camouflage that blends seamlessly with urban environments, and a modular utility system for quick customization of mission-specific tools. The suit also boasts an integrated communication hub, granting the wearer seamless access to secure networks for real-time intelligence.

          Planet Eaters Road Map

          Be apart of the Journey to build the Planet Eaters Universe

          stage 1 Apr - May

          • Complete Fundraising
          • Bid To Earn NFT
          • Hire Additional Team Members
          • Dao Governance
          • First Thought Comic Drop

          Stage 2 Jun- july

          • Zenith Token IDO
          • Bid To Earn NFT Drop 1
          • Begin 1 Million Token Giveaway
          • First Thought Comic Audio Drop

          Stage 3 Aug - sep

          • Stake Zenith Token Solutions
          • Beta Version Game Released
          • Dort Drip Release
          • Dort World App Launch

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